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McHappy Day For BCH

McDonald’s restaurants across Minsk held a McHappy Day for the Belarusian Children's Hospice. Celebrity athletes, journalists and entertainers came in to serve the public and the takings from the sale of fries were donated to the hospice.

Daryl Ann who was in Minsk for an international palliative care conference at the time wrote, ‘Anna, Igor and I went to the restaurant in Logoisky Trakt, the nearest branch to BCH, to do our hour and a half’s service behind the tills and to give a short press conference. With us on the tills were Belarusian pop stars Larissa Gribalyova and Ludmila Afanasieva and sports commentator Vladimir Novitsky. We vied with each other for customers, raising our hands and shouting ‘Till free!’ as soon as a new customer entered the restaurant.’

Customers were also invited to buy a piece of printed cloth which they could then ‘sew’ into a large blanket on-line. Viktoria Danko, CEO of McDonald’s Belarus, said, ‘Over 20 days we have sold more than 71,000 patches of material which means, on average, two people per minute have been buying them. Our ‘blanket for good’ is already 280m long!’. Proceeds from the blanket will be donated to BCH.

The fundrasing activities were widely reported in the Belarusian press.

Viktoria Danko and Ludmila Afanasieva prepare to take orders.