A fabulous evening of music and art raised over £1800. Thanks to Alexander, James and The Beacon. Details and pictures here.


Deb and Pam have just returned from BCH. Read the news and watch how a special chair transformed a little boy's life here.


The winning number in July's draw of the 100 Club is 21 and the prize is £40. Name of the lucky winner and photo here.

What Your Money Buys

whatyourmoneybuys£20 a child’s birthday tea
£40 travel for a Belarusian provincial doctor or nurse to come to Minsk for one day's palliative care training at BCH
£80 a one-day training seminar at BCH for up to 12 medical personnel
£120 our contribution to a BCH child psychologist’s monthly salary
£150 10-day holiday for a child at the BCH summer camp
£265 our contribution to a nurse’s monthly salary
£700 gives a child artificial ventilation at home for a year
£700 one week's training for a BCH doctor at a UK hospice including airfare

Annual salaries:
• £4,080 our annual contribution to a doctor’s salary
• £1,440 our annual contribution to the care assistant’s salary
• £2,928 our annual contribution to the manager of the Summer Project’s salary
• £1,920 our annual contribution to the Summer House gardener/handyman’s salary