A fabulous evening of music and art raised over £1800. Thanks to Alexander, James and The Beacon. Details and pictures here.


Deb and Pam have just returned from BCH. Read the news and watch how a special chair transformed a little boy's life here.


The winning number in July's draw of the 100 Club is 21 and the prize is £40. Name of the lucky winner and photo here.

Join our 100 Club

The Friends of BCH 100 Club is a way of winning cash prizes while supporting the work of the Belarusian Children’s Hospice (BCH) to care for sick and disabled children and their families.

Each share costs just £5 per month and you can hold as many shares as you wish. Your share will have a number which will be put in the monthly draw for the chance to win a cash prize. Together we could raise £3500 a year if 100 shares are bought and held for 12 months - that is equivalent to a care assistant’s annual salary. Download an application form here. You can find more details of this new opportunity in the terms and conditions.

The first draw of the Friends of BCH 100 Club was on 16th June 2016 at the opening of Forest Glade, the new Belarusian Children’s Palliative Care Centre in Minsk, and there has been a lucky winner each month since. If we sell 100 shares, there will be one prize every month of either £1000, £500 or £100. We guarantee that at least 40% of income will be distributed as cash prizes.

BCH is a place of dignity, love and laughter. Last year, BCH cared for 250 families, mostly on their hospice at home programme which enables sick children to stay at home surrounded by family and friends rather than have to stay in impersonal hospital wards. Each child and family has medical, social and psychological support tailored to his/her individual needs and all BCH’s services are provided free of charge. The need for this kind of care in Belarus is increasing year on year.

Please join me now in supporting this exciting scheme. Thank you and good luck.

Ann Murphy

Winners - photos and details of all the draws here


July - Joe Hardman   £40

June - Gary Gotch   £40

May - Deb Hunt   £205

April - Peter Ellis   £41

March - Peter Harper   £41

February - Stuart Jaggard   £41

January - Vicki Hughes   £40


December - Kirsty Devereux   £38

November - Antoinette Ferraro   £390

October - Kirsty Devereux   £39

September - Valerie Kirk   £39

August - Lola Meakin   £37

July - Jane Curtis   £37

June - Peter Harper   £38