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Children's Stories

Nadia's Story

Nadia was a much longed for first child. Immediately after birth, Nadia was diagnosed with Patau syndrome, a genetic disorder. She was not expected to live for more than a month and was hospitalised at once.

The Belarusian Children’s Hospice provided Nadia’s family with an oxygenator, an electric suction machine, medications and personal hygiene items which the family were unable to afford because Olga stays at home to look after her daughter rather than go out to work. Hospice doctors and nurses visit Nadia regularly.

One winter, during a particularly severe cold spell, the heating system in their house broke down and so the hospice accommodated mother and daughter at the in-patient unit for three weeks.

Nadia is over three years old now. This is a big achievement for someone who was given only a month to live. We do not know how long Nadia has left but each day that she is here brings happiness to her mother, father and all of us.