A fabulous evening of music and art raised over £1800. Thanks to Alexander, James and The Beacon. Details and pictures here.


Deb and Pam have just returned from BCH. Read the news and watch how a special chair transformed a little boy's life here.


The winning number in July's draw of the 100 Club is 21 and the prize is £40. Name of the lucky winner and photo here.

Children's Stories

Dasha's Story

Dasha Evtuhova was born with stenosis of the larynx (narrowing of the airway), pneumonia, an insufficient blood supply to her brain and abnormalities in brain function. The Belarusian Children’s Hospice started to look after her when she was 2½ months old when she needed a tracheotomy.

An aspirator was provided and her parents were shown how to use this equipment at home and how to provide the special care which Dasha needed. Dasha was very poorly when she was a baby but is now much better and it is hoped that the tracheotomy will be removed later this year.