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Children's Stories

Valeria Krepskaya's Story

At 10 months old, Valeria was diagnosed with encephalomeningitis. Surgery revealed a cancerous brain tumour which was removed but, sadly, Valeria’s brain had been damaged. Her father was unable to cope with his daughter’s illness and left the family. Valeria’s mother remarried and Valeria has a baby sister called Uliana.

Mum found it increasingly difficult to cope with both children and turned to the Belarusian Children’s Hospice for help. A BCH nurse now helps Valeria and Uliana’s mother especially when Valeria has an additional problem such as swallowing food. BCH medics visit regularly and help Mum to feed Valeria through a tube.

Valeria is not able to turn over by herself so BCH has given the little girl an anti-bedsore mattress which has helped considerably.

Valeria is now 7 years old and her condition is deteriorating. Her parents and the BCH team are doing everything they can to improve her quality of life and to ensure that she does not lack for anything that it is within their power to give her.